New Addons - Referral Bonus & Spill from admin

After a number of requests from our clients, We have built wonderful addons. Referral Bonus : This addon will boost your website members to promote their referral link. This addon works in such a way that every member that registers will pay a small bonus to his upline before upgrading his account. Spill from admin : This addon is built for ... Read More »

25th Jan 2017
Must Read - Important Information

For the past few days, we got some website adminstrators reporting about someone encouraging them to get the Mountscripts Nulled version for free. We strongly recommend administrators not to become prey to these type of pirates. For your knowledge nulled scripts will have loop holes that will hack and steal Bitcoins to the hacker's wallet. ... Read More »

25th Jan 2017
V3.3 - Goodbye BLOCR! The new versatile Bitcoin Validation is here.

After couple of crashes at BLOCKR Platform, We decided to move to a versatile bitcoin validation system. A better payment processing compared to BLOCKR. Apart fom this, There is a huge Performance patch being rolled out with this update. A large amount of Bug Fixes have been processed too. Get your Latest Patch to update your script.

7th Jan 2017